Library staff recommendation: Re Joyce

Re Joyce

by Anthony Burgess

Greenfield Open Stacks 823.912 J853z93

At first I was going to recommend¬†Ulysses, but then I realized that this might be a daunting book for those unfamiliar with James Joyce’s style of writing. Fortunately, author Anthony Burgess is able to provide an overview of Joyce’s literary work, providing an excellent introduction to the characters and themes surrounding Joyce’s Dublin. More commentary than criticism, Burgess makes the case for the importance of Joyce, a case that still holds strong to this day. Burgess also asserts that Joyce’s true purpose was to transform the common man into an epic hero, a theme that should be welcome to all.

To read more of Joyce’s and Burgess’ works, please see these books:

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess 823 B912c 1972

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Ulysses by James Joyce 823.912 J853ul

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