Dancers In Italy 2012

Experience at La Biennale


Bruised and Broken

We’ve been pretty quiet this last week..we apologize. With Terence Lewis’s arrival we began to study classical Indian dance, as well as learning about the culture of the middle east. We had a workshop where we taught some of the basics of classical Indian dance to the public followed by a performance that evening. Unfortunately, that evening I dislocated my shoulder while doing a press lift with my I have been sitting out for the past week. Also during the week, Arianna dislocated her kneecap while rehearsing some contemporary dance with Indian influences. It doesn’t stop there though. Richard and Tunai have been battling pains in their bodies and have definitely been feeling the effects of dancing 6 days a week. Luckily we have a physical therapist, named Fabrizio, who takes care of us along with some major athletes in Europe. He tapes us up with this stretchy blue kinesiotape to help support and train the muscles. 

It has definitely been humbling though, to know that I am still blessed to be able to wake up and get out of bed and dress myself and live normal life still. It reminds me of all the things that we take for granted each day…being able to shower and walk to the grocery store and open a bottle of mayo. I think most importantly I need to live and work in a positive manner. In order to heal, and to get the most out of any experience, I have to continue on taking everything as it is. Complaining is never going to help anyone!

Making an appearance in last weeks paper while rehearsing one of our Bollywood pieces

Remember everyone! Make the most out of everything :) If you get injured, if you live in a cold house, or whatever it may be, just remember the countless things you are blessed with. Like the saying goes, there will always be dirty dishes in the sink (or at least I think that’s a saying!).

Much love



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