TEDxPhilly Event (The City) – Tue Nov 8

I know you love the TED talks online - check out this event in Philly to carry on the TED spirit:

TED X Philly: The City

TEDxPhilly is a unique, one-day multi-disciplinary conference, which will examine vast interpretations of the theme: The City.

Engaging speakers, performers, participants and exhibitors will converge to deconstruct, decipher and explore some of the greatest challenges, innovations, concepts and realities that shape and are shaped by the city and its inhabitants.  Designer, artists and creative thinkers are key to the TED point-of-view!

Organizers of the event are calling all change-agents to attend.

Philadelphians will assemble to share ideas that matter, and hopefully, turn those ideas into actionable outcomes after the event. The audience is as important as the presenters and will reflect the many passionate, motivated, and hard-working individuals who are part of the broader community of Philadelphia.  Cities have languages unto themselves – built from points of intersection where disparate nodes converge and emerge from collective stories of times past, present and future.

Temple Performing Arts Center in  Philadelphia
November 8th, 2011

9:00 am -6:00 pm
Registration required, $100.

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