Design Ignites Change Challenges YOU This Fall!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic, creative summer! I am feeling a bit wistful that summer is 9unofficially) here but am also really excited about the upcoming fall CE semester. I’m tailoring this post as a call to all CE design students- Do your plans this fall include integrating Design Ignites Change into your workflow?

I think  it is worth reminding you  about the opportunity to apply for funding through the biannual Implementation and Idea Awards. The most recent round of awards garnered the highest number of applications submitted from the largest number of schools to date.

I would love to see your work represented in the next round!

The deadline is December 31st + now is the perfect time to start to think about participating+ about the support that Design Ignites Change offers so that you can keep it in mind as you develop your fall projects throughout the semester.

One Response to “Design Ignites Change Challenges YOU This Fall!”

  1. Ansley Says:

    Thanks for posting this and sharing this opportunity with your students!!