Artistic Rebuttal: Call for Entries – Deadline May 15

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, which is a fantastic cultural resource and advocate for the arts in our region, recently sent me this info about the Artistic Rebuttal Project.

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The author of the Artistic Rebuttal blog is dedicated to collecting personal quotes, images, drawings, stories and anecdotes that showcase the importance of the arts in all facets of our lives.  The project is very broad and wants to include the many ways the arts impact people individually, and as a society.  This can (and should) include all aspects of the arts, from the objects we buy and the performances we see to the work we produce, how we spend our time and how we communicate.  I can’t imagine what my life would be without films, novels, architecture, museums, music and more to make it all have meaning and style.  I couldn’t function without my iPhone, which is an elegant piece of thoughtful product design, or live without hearing a musician perform.

The call for entries is inclusive of all types of stories you might wish to share about how the arts enrich you.   You might focus on one item that is deeply meaningful to you or something much more sweeping in our culture.  The idea is to collect and eventually publish a book that celebrates these ideas and counteracts erroneous beliefs about the arts not being critical and valued.   It is so important to simply pay attention to the world around us; artists do that so well.  Send in your thoughts!

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